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May 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


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The black press used to be about the business of reporting accurate, unbiased, uplifting, uncompromising and empowering news to the black community. What used to be black news that reported on black empowerment the conversation has shifted to politically correct, color blind, spineless conversation that will not offend white corporate advertisers.

There is a dark secret among black-owned media outlets, if you want to survive in a competitive market you better Stepin and Fetchit tap dance by reporting news free from right-wing political perspective. Sadly the black press has been muted in order to gain favor and appeal to big advertisers who want no part of liberating black folk minds. If you don’t adopt a more moderate tone plan not to get any lucrative advertising from white corporations.

The more major Corporate advertising contracts a Black newspaper or magazine have the lower you must go on the ghetto rector scale and dumb down your news content. Fearful that an uncontrolled black press might serve as a political weapon to empower African American communities, black media across the board from newspapers, magazine, radio, and TV have been controlled and dumb down. Often the few remaining successful black-owned media outlets with large readerships(Ebony, Essence) have been sold to white media companies.

Those who control the images and information control the people. Only 1% of media companies are owned by African Americans yet we make up 14% of the population in the U.S. Independent black-owned publications that are not afraid to talk about community issues (police brutality, profiling, penal reform, and education) are under siege. I’m not saying society and entertainment columnist should not divert our attention away from the struggle, but silence isn't golden when our communities are collapsing under the weight of a New Jim crow.

Without black media past and present, we cannot control the quality of our images and the content of our information. The black point of view is so critical if we want unbiased information about us, by us, delivered to us that is accurate.

"If black people can’t get our voices heard, we will perish in ignorance."



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