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She's No Angel

May 11, 2018  •  Leave a Comment


Three lives intertwined around one burlesque pole in a dimly lite gentleman’s club that held the odor of sweaty coochy over stale cigarettes. Hot erotic dancers played out their fantasies on an adrenaline-laced steel pole.

Gloria was very cheerful, personable stripper who let it be known to the camera she had latent desire to be an actress. For some strange reason I became fixated on digging deeper into her personality she was not only sensuous, sexy and attractive but her bubbly personality was contagious. Gloria was brutally honest about why she got into stripping: “I get out of breath with excitement watching a horny men throb with excitement as I shake my ass and bounce my tits putting them under my hypnotic spell. I feel powerful when I can control a man’s dick and money. That shit excites me!”

She then looked at me and said; “I excite you don’t I?” I didn’t respond because I was very turned on by her from the moment I saw her, yet I wasn’t about to admit I was under her hypnotic spell, even though she intuitively knew it. She slowly bent down with her legs gaped opened her G string separated the gap between her parted coochy lips whispering into my ear “Mr. photographer put down that camera and let me take you into the back room, I wanna seduce you, this private dance will be on me.”

At that moment seems like so many eyes were on us, so many ears could hear her proposition. I was embarrassed yet turned on thinking that the only thing valuable about Gloria was her body and what she wanted to do with it to turn me on. I was here to get a story because I believe every stripper has a story, I wanted to show their humanity yet here I was entertaining the thought of a sexy woman stroking my confidence. Maybe I decided to do this story on strippers so I could find myself in the position I find myself in, in need of a little extra attention from a beautiful, sexual woman. The sad reality is that every man knows what the true hustle of a stripper is ——Money.

Something about a woman who can seduce the money out of a man’s pockets. And it’s not in a vindictive way. As one of the strippers told me; “People associate all strippers with prostitution and porn stars it’s not the case with me. My goal is to turn this pole into the opportunity for a brighter


Watch video at:https://youtu.be/gmqT45AFdyA



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