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Lets Talk About It

May 24, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

the hoodthe hood

Let's talk about the environmental abuse that occurs in society every day as I drive through inner cities and watch millions of dollars pumped into rebuilding roads, bridges, and infrastructures in communities that lack employment opportunities, poverty, homelessness, hunger and community programming.

Let's talk about educational abuse when school systems fail to educate 80% of black children while only 50% graduate from high school.

Let's talk about how unemployment rates for black teens soar over 80% while upwards of 50% of black teens have felony convictions before 18.

Let's talk about white males receiving 99% of the construction jobs and contracts in black communities while black males idol themselves unemployed on corners with no chance of finding employment.

Let's talk about animal rescue efforts that generate more money than saving Black lives.

Let's talk about why there are more black churches per square mile in urban inner cities than black-owned business. While pastors build new mega-churches that lack community services and programming to those who are impoverished and in need.

Let's talk about young black males having a better chance getting a prison sentence than a college education.

Let's talk about black males being ten times more likely being murdered, robbed and a victim of some sort of a violent crime.

Let's talk about political corruption, judicial sentencing, and police brutality.

Let's talk about solutions!



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