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K.Michelle "Keeping it real"

May 17, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

Chene Park Detroit By Anthony AldenK.MichelleK.Michelle "Keeping it real"

If you watch "Love and Hip Hop Atlanta", you have seen K. Michelle discussing how she wanted to be signed to a major company again, and then recording in the studio and performing in concert. Now all of that hard work has paid off as K. Michelle has paid off.

This week (August 31) the singer hits the Billboard 200 at No.1 with her major-label debut, "Rebellious Soul" (Atlantic Records), with 72,000 copies sold, according to Nielsen SoundScan. It's the highest debut on the Billboard 200 for a female R&B singer's first album since March 2001, when Marsha Ambrosius' Late Nights & Early Mornings also entered at No. 2.


With each note she sings, lyric she writes or piano key she strikes, songstress K. Michelle speaks her mind and makes no apologies for it. Taking a vow to stay true to herself, K. Michelle understands that part of being a noteworthy new artist isn't just possessing talent but having something to say. "I'm the biggest advocate of being yourself," says Michelle, who considers music to be her therapy. "People can believe in you all day long, but if you don't bring it to light or nourish it, it doesn't matter."

Each song she writes is a soundtrack to a life that started in Memphis, TN. A life that leads to the title of her debut album, Pain Medicine, which will be released this Fall on Jive Records. "Everything that I do is in this album," says Michelle. "I sing about what I'm going through at the moment. For example, I don't have any love songs on the album because I'm not in love right now." K. Michelle doesn't take for granted the opportunity she has to show the world that she really is a fighter, a single mother, a dedicated musician. "[Pain Medicine] is my story. If I have this platform it has to be my story."

The performance:

I was listening to K. Michelle on Soundcloud the other night. I was feeling a little down and man she picked my heart up and put it in every one of her songs. I loved every track she laid down. Sistah has full package: beauty, vocals and lyrics, her music is embracing, addicting and sincere. She sings real heartfelt ballads that have something to say a blessing to her generation of too many lyric empty songsters.

Opening acts on tour sometimes suffer from the fact that crowds are visibly distracted during their sets, often times arriving late and chit-chatting with their friends as the artist tries to do their thing. This most certainly was NOT the case for last week’s show at Chene Park in Detroit. Keyshia Cole and K.Michele both are fully capable of being headline performers, and the crowd definitely treated each artist as such when they performed together on Saturday night.

K.Michelle may have had to learn the hard way about many things, but she knows that her fans are everything. “I promise to never disappoint Y'all,” she says in her Southern accent as she goes into her performance set her music in the last few months but she been down in the game since 2010 so when I had a chance to see her live I jumped all over it. Her raw honesty pours into every song. She can take you to church or take it to the streets; her diverse musical style is what readies her for a great singing career.

Chene Park Amphitheater was packed from one side to the next bottom rolls to the top Detroit came out to support K. Michele who was the opening act for Keyshia Cole. Two stars in one night! One in the making the other self-made.

Backed by a phenomenal five-piece band and two backup singers she told the crowd “if you’d been a fan since the beginning we gon’ sing a lot of songs and have fun,” she says cheerfully. The crowd soaked up every word.

Often compared to the Queen of Hip-Hop and Soul Marry J. I wonder if K. Michele minds the comparisons–why would she? The raw honesty of K. Michelle pours into songs like “Can’t Raise A Man” are reminiscent of “Ain’t Really Love.” Her music is an emotional soundboard to the joy, hurt and pain she experiences learning to love.

One of the night’s standout moments was her performance of “I Don’t Like Me,” from her current album, a track that she describes as being “the most touching and sentimental” song she’s ever done. It’s about how a woman feels when she’s suffering from low self-esteem. She said in an interview “I think we all go through that,” K. Michelle confessed. “It doesn’t matter how happy you are, you have those days where you feel like you don’t like yourself…I wanted to touch on something that people aren’t bold enough to talk about.”

K. Michele performance is fun, entertaining, personable and heartfelt. She doesn’t just run through her setlist and exit the stage, she jokes and talks to the people who her fame is built upon. Being both humble and appreciative is a rare quality among so many star-struck celebrities. Example, K took the crowd to church when a fight broke out. In mid-performance, she flipped into a gospel mode looking toward the fight singing “ We not gonna fight in here tonight, no fighting in here tonight, you not gonna fight in my show” the fighting immediately stopped.

K. Michelle’s music is her testimony to the women who can no longer relate to MJB (whose pain in the music disappeared once she married). Pain is felt and then released, K Michele’s real-life trials and tribulations inspired her to create lyrics that speak to our soul. Like so many black women who have had to endure the pain of love gone bad, K. Michele helps them bring their painful circle.

K.Michele rebelled against the emotional forces that tried to destroy her creative energy. Her ability to endure and persevere is her gospel."You can’t reach out and preach to people if you never went through it to preach about it."

Watch video at:https://youtu.be/M9NMAzPr5f8




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