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About Photojournalist: Anthony Alden Vines:

“The Pen Of Knowledge Is Mightier Than The sword Of Hate would probably be the quote that defines the essence of my creativity.”

Going by the pen name “Anthony Alden” Anthony Alden Vines’ is the youngest of ten children, eight boys, and two girls. Anthony has so many blessings that have been bestowed upon him by the Creator who blessed him with the gift of creativity.

“I always have been amazed how a vision can be transformed into a work of art.”

Anthony's first introduction to photos came during his childhood looking at old family photos. The photo images mirrored kinship ties taken by Anthony’s father, the late Clifton Vines, a self-taught photographer. The Vines’ men are connected by four generations of photographers and writers. In the tradition of Anthony’s great, great grandfather, Cornelius Edwards, who started Toledo, Ohio’s first African-American newspaper “The Observer” in 1922; Anthony started Ohio’s first hip-hop lifestyle magazine “Urban Flava” in 1998.

As a self-taught photographer, Anthony assumes a documentary approach to capture each subject’s unique story. His writing aspirations began with documenting the demoralizing effects of racism and poverty through poetry. The famous African-American photographer, Gordon Parks, influenced Anthony’s creative use of words and photography.

Learning to trust his instincts, Anthony’s style is to use as little equipment as possible allowing his pen and camera to do the talking.

A quote from Anthony Alden:

“It's not art if you aren't connected to your subject because of the restraints placed on you by excessive equipment. I still enjoy putting pencil to the paper before plugging it into the computer. My motto has always been keeping it simple because creativity equals infinity.”

Currently, Anthony Alden is managing Founder/Publication Director of X Urban Music Magazine.


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